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Staffan Ehnbom

This is a late response afer waiting for some background info:

You are right it is the Lake Whatcom Railway. In addition to the GN16015 truss rod box car with arch bar trucks and KC brake they have:
GN3315 40 ton truss rod box car
GN5643 40 ton truss rod box car
GN25049 double wood sheathed USRA clone car
GN25487 double wood sheathed USRA clone car
The GN 16015 is the absolutely most classical GN freight car in my mind with its aarch bar trucks and K brake. It represents almost fifty percent of the whole GN revenue car fleet and in its time and is the object for an effort to create a non-profit status for its renovation, an effort that should be well worth supporting for GN fans.

Staffan Ehnbom

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I found a Whatcom Museum but no Lake Whatcom Museum. The Whatcom Museum does not have the boxcar.


However, I did find a partial image of what probably is this car on this link from the Bellingham Daily Photo blog:


The caption reads, “A weathered railroad car sits by an old section of track near the south end of Lake Watcom”.


The location almost certainly is the Lake Watcom Railway ( at N.P. Road, Sedro-Woolley (Wickersham), WA.


The website states, “The Lake Whatcom Railway is a dedicated living preservation of the Pacific Northwest's railway heritage…Some ancient wooden freight cars from the Great Northern Railway are also on the premises.”


Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA

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