FGE Reefers w/Fishbelly Center Sills

Bill Welch

Just a reminder that there is a PDF Handout put together a few years ago by Ben Hom from my material that is still available on either the ACL/SAL B&O or PRR modeling magazine site (sorry I cannot remember which one of these still has it available). In it I identified the cars in what I characterize as FGE's Legacy fleet—those reefers acquired from railroads—that were built with Fishbelly Center Sills.

10001-10239 best modeled with Westerfield Type I AC&F kit 

10400-10639 ex-NYNH&H Atlas car possible candidate for kitbash

11001-11175 ex-FEC Atlas car possible candidate for kitbash

15000-15999 ex-B&O Atlas car possible candidate for kitbash

22000-22549 ex-L&N no visual documentation on these so far

I purchased a couple of undec Branchline reefer kits to model two of the above, just not sure which I will do. Alternatively the Accurail kit is a candidate. Kit-bashing would be necessary with either starting point.

Bill Welch

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