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Hi all,

Did you ever fail to see something that was right in front of you? Well, I
had one of those "E coli occurs" moments Saturday night while test driving
a couple of brand new (mumble mumble P2K PRR GP30s mumble mumble) around my
loop of track. I realized that the Kato AC&F covered hoppers on the test
train might be OK for the new diesels but were waaaaay wrong for my 1944
era layout. Why? Well, the Erie Lackawanna paint job for one!!
Fortunately, I had Richard's article on these cars and I realized that I
can paint them black and decal them for Erie. Those cars have been on my
test track for about 2 years now...when I bought those cars, I paid very
close attention to the blt date to make SURE that they were OK...and I
NEVER twigged to the wrong roadname...I'll go sit in the corner with my
prototype dunce cap on now...

BTW, if I hadn't noticed...who among you would have pointed it out <G>? I
can see it now...the gorgeous MR spread (hey, a guy can dream!)...the
caption reads "A train of covered hoppers full of cement heads east to help
build artificial harbors for the allied invasion of Normandy"...ooooooh I
can feel the heat!

Do y'all think I need to strip the cars first or can I just paint over the
Kato paint job? (I most concerned about a show EL showing through due to
different paint thicknesses between the body and the roadname)

What would these cars (Erie) most likely have hauled circa 1944? I'm
guessing cement...but I wonder

Happy Rails

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