Resin Kits

Charles Etheredge

Guys and dolls:
I would like to call upon the experience of you out there who have
built Westerfield, Sunshine, and/or F&C kits. How does the F&C kits
compare with the others? I have acquired several of Al's SP stock
car kits (to be built soon :>) ) as they are the only true copies of
that car. I notice that the F&C kits usually do not demand the price
of the others. Is this due to quality of the kit? Detail?
Instructions? The Sunshine kits are obviously highly prized and from
the recent list furnished, the selection is really amazing.
I model the 30's-early 40's era and can say that I get more useful
info from this group than any other. Now if Bill Mc. of Red Caboose
can finally get us the 53'-6" SP flat car soon, I'll be in good shape
for my granite loads.

Charles Etheredge
Modeling the T&NO in Central Texas

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