Re: Why MEK instead of Tenax 7-R?

Schuyler Larrabee

Silica gel can also be rejuvenated.  Place it in the microwave and give it a 30-second shot.  Let it cool and do it again two or three times.  It will get HOT and can melt, which I think isn’t good, but it can be dried out and reused.




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                The material is silica gel (it’s actually granules like salt).  We used to call it “silica gel – do not eat” because that is what is printed on EVERY packet of the stuff.


                I bought a big can of silica gel at Wal-Mart in the craft section.  It is used for drying flowers.  Very cheap.


                I poured some silica gel into the bottom of a mason jar, and I keep my bottle of Loctite ACC in there.  The ACC has stayed good throughout my glacially slow build of the UP S-40-10 stock car that was the subject of Shake-N-Take many years ago.






P.S. I live in a part of California with low humidity.



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This had me thinking of those decoration and functional canning jars or kitchen containers that use a thick rubber seal and a clamp on glass top.

    I have tried various seals normally found in household use.  Most will absorb the solvents we use.  If the rubber is silicone the jars will most likely work just fine.

That should work as well as a non vacuum desiccator with the same stuff inside and cost near $5 instead. 

    I save all those little packets that come in almost everything you buy.  While I don't know what chemical is in them they all say they are a  desiccator of some kind.  They are free.

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