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Schuyler Larrabee

My experience with ACC is that Krazy Glue and the other drugstore brands really are not very good stuff. 


THE BEST ACC I have come across is Loctite Super Glue, which comes in several viscosities, and in a container that really does give great control over just how much you get out of the bottle.  It has flexible sides to the bottle, and by squeezing the sides you control how much emerges from the tip.  A bottle lasts me probably six or eight months, but I don’t go to any lengths to make it last.  It just sits on the bench.  I have used both the thin “Ultra Liquid Control” and the “Gel Control” thicknesses.  They bond very strongly and cure just quickly enough to allow me a second  to adjust the inevitable, occasional, part that moves JUST as I apply the glue.


You can get this in hardware stores, and also in Michaels art supply stores.




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The problem I have with ACC cement is that the container gets gacked up with dry adhesive, not that the adhesive thickens or dries out.


It's hard to get a small amount out of those beat up containers.


I've been buying small packages of ACC at the supermarket/dollar store for a long time as suggested by Al Westerfield in his "how to" video.


Ed Mines

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