B&O 325156 hopper car

D. Scott Chatfield


The URL implies this train is climbing Cranberry Grade. The 8-panel B&O hopper in the foreground is interesting, The 325000-series is listed as HMs, so this is a twin hopper. Not too many 8-panel twins before the PS-3, which was introduced in the mid '50s, so adding a model of this to a friend's B&O layout would add some needed variety.

From what little this photo tells me it looks like a late '20s design. The series was down to four cars in 1965. Were they rebuilt or scrapped?

And that 4-bay offset two cars up is interesting as well. Can't make out the lettering, but the general shape and placement doesn't ring a bell for a northeastern road. B&LE perhaps?

Scott Chatfield

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