Re: B&O 325156 hopper car

Benjamin Hom

Scott Chatfield wrote:

The URL implies this train is climbing Cranberry Grade. The 8-panel B&O
hopper in the foreground is interesting, The 325000-series is listed
as HMs, so this is a twin hopper. Not too many 8-panel twins before the
PS-3, which was introduced in the mid '50s, so adding a model of this to
a friend's B&O layout would add some needed variety.

From what little this photo tells me it looks like a late '20s design.
The series was down to four cars in 1965. Were they rebuilt or scrapped?"

Scrapped. B&O 325000-325499, Class N-10E, built 1922 by Standard Steel Car Co. Acquired between 1905 and 1922, the Class N-10 and subclasses totaled over 9,000 cars and comprised 25% of the B&O hopper fleet in 1919, though their numbers were significantly down by January 1940 (3630 cars/10%) and 1952 (1551 cars/3%).

"And that 4-bay offset two cars up is interesting as well. Can't make
out the lettering, but the general shape and placement doesn't ring a
bell for a northeastern road. B&LE perhaps?"

The lettering is B&O all the way, dating from mid-1945 to mid-1946.

B&O Class W-2 and subclasses offset quad, combined total of 7,000 cars built 1926-1929 by Bethlehem Steel, Baltimore Car & Foundry, and Standard Steel Car Co. This is the car produced ad nauseum in HO scale by Athearn and knocked off by numerous manufacturers in all scales.

See my article in the May/June 2006 issue of The B&O Modeler for an overview of the B&O hopper fleet.

Ben Hom

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