Re: B&O 325156 hopper car


The B&O 325156 is a class N-10E a group 1,000 N-10 extensively rebuilt in 1922. The class represents B&O first successful twin hopper design as the earlier N-8 and N-9 suffered from corrosion problems and had many failures.

The B&O diagram lists the cars as built new; 500 each by Pressed Steel and Standard Steel, but in fact cars were taken from the existing roster for the "rebuildings". Did you notice the patch on the end sheet?

The first cars were built in 1905-1906, classes N-10, N-10A and N-10B, with a total of ~4,000 cars. This was B&O standard design until they begin building the class N-12 starting in 1912. A drawing and a photo of the N-10 appearred in the 1906 CBD.

The other hopper is indeed one of the many ARA quad hoppers purchased by the B&O in the late 1920s. As stated it is a class W-2. It is stenciled as the recently released model form BLI. As I recall the interior of the BLI model represents those hoppers built with Duryea underframes, class W-2B. Note the distinctive dome center sill cover compared with flat top of the standard ARA design.

I agree that photo appears to be at Cranberry Grade.


Bob Witt

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