Re: perishable traffic patterns

John Barry

I too didn't notice much paint failure.  But did you see the ART reefer?
John Barry
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I may have to rewatch this video, but I felt that most of the roofs that we got a good look at were more dirty than unpainted.
Pierre Oliver
On 4/14/16 8:08 AM, 'William Darnaby' wdarnaby@... [STMFC] wrote:

It’s just a coincidence with this subject that I found on Youtube last evening this interesting Santa Fe video
from 1956 that talks about perishable traffic including interchanges and diversions.  Lots of good freight car views.  From what I saw I have been incorrectly painting my SFRD’s over the years because I saw a lot of unpainted or missing/deteriorating paint roofs.
Bill Darnaby


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