"Danger Ahead" 1926 movie comedy

Scott Pitzer

Don't get exited; there's not much there for us. It's a silent comedy
featuring the character "Hairbreadth Harry" (Earl McCarthy I believe) and has
a train/car chase filmed on the UP around L.A. and the harbor. Several views
of UP engine 3165, a very quick view of a Santa Fe box car, an icing platform
which seems to be at Fruitland, a PFE reefer with rectangular WP emblem
(another quick view which is only identifiable because that's the only car
that would look like that) and some too-close close-ups of a UP box car. And
a dark-colored wooden depot I can't identify.
I saw it at a low-budget revival theater (where the movies often read "Not for
theatrical exhibition" at the beginning.) It may have been a Blackhawk Films
re-release. Sometime I'll have to watch it again to see what I missed while
looking for freight cars!
Scott Pitzer

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