Reefers - How/Why Did The "Odd" Car Occur?

Jim Betz

Hi all,

Most of the reefer blocks on most trains leaving or returning
to the West have cars that are "predictably similar". I talking
about how a train coming off or going to the SP will have a
very high percentage of "home road" (read PFE) reefers.
Then, every once in a while you will see a WFEX or BREX
car in a block of PFE reefers. I have two questions about
this phenomenon - one easy and one probably more

1) What is the frequency/percentage of such anomalies?
Per train? Per several trains?

2) Why does this happen? I get it that if a reefer from
a foreign road/consortium is in your yard and you
need a car to fill out a train that it might happen.
But the more complete answer will include the
reason why that car is even "out of its normal
- TIA ... Jim B.

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