Re: Reefers - How/Why Did The "Odd" Car Occur?

Greg Martin

Great questions Jim and this list really enjoys a good discussion on car application.
One thing you need to realize is that each consortium and railroad looked at freight cars as assets and they were shared when cars were tight and restricted when not. If the destination was non company served it was up tot the car applicators working with the clerks to apply the appropriate car to the final destination. It was always better to keep your asset online and send the foreign car offline to the appropriate destination whenever possible. HOWEVER; if your season was short and your car supply was long, there was a quiet notion to send your cars long so as not to put them in storage, a stored car was a poor use of your asset.  Quite a difficult balance.  and I have the utmost respect for folks involved in car management.
Greg Martin  
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Hi all,

Most of the reefer blocks on most trains leaving or returning
to the West have cars that are "predictably similar". I talking
about how a train coming off or going to the SP will have a
very high percentage of "home road" (read PFE) reefers.
Then, every once in a while you will see a WFEX or BREX
car in a block of PFE reefers. I have two questions about
this phenomenon - one easy and one probably more

1) What is the frequency/percentage of such anomalies?
Per train? Per several trains?

2) Why does this happen? I get it that if a reefer from
a foreign road/consortium is in your yard and you
need a car to fill out a train that it might happen.
But the more complete answer will include the
reason why that car is even "out of its normal
- TIA ... Jim B.

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