USRA DS box cars

Clark Propst <cepropst@...>

I remembered the correspondence on list about a possible USRA DS box
car booklet. I am trying to model all the M&StL cars I have photos of
and some I don't. They purchased a bunch of used box cars just prior to
WWII and rebuilt them before putting them in service. One such group
were X CMO cars numbered in the 36000's the M&StL numbered them in the
low 51000's. Does anyone have a photo of either of these. I'm curious
whether anything was changed during rebuilding, like doors, roof, etc.
A friend sent me 4 Ertl DS cars, but I only need to build the one I
just mentioned. Two of the cars I have built from Ertl cars are not
really USRA, they are ( M&StL #'s) 29000 and 52000 series. The 52000's
had dreadnought ends and the 29000's have a weird 7/7 reversed murphy
end and different door banding. These cars have character and are worth
building. Are there other examples of slightly different cars based on
the USRA design. I need to build something out of the remaining Ertl
cars and I would like to make something just a little different.

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