Plastic freight cars for sale

Clark Propst

I have a few freight cars for sale that the discriminating members of this group might find interesting. Please make any replies OFF LIST.

All cars are equipped with Kadee 158 ‘trip pinless’ couplers and IM wheel sets. Body details - running boards, brake wheels, doors, ladders, grabs, trucks are correct as possible. Most cars have DA uncoupling levers and A-Line corner steps. All cars are tastefully weathered with chalk marks and route cards added. Reweigh, repack dates for early 50s.

$5 shipping per car.

Branchline SOU 8’ door box car 23125 custom painted with Speedwitch decals, Plano Morton running board $25

Ertl USRA DS box car detailed for GN 25078 custom painted with Champ decals $25

2-C&BT 12 panel box cars detailed for ATSF - 276069 custom painted, Champ decals-small emblem, 35294 custom painted, Champ decals- large emblem. Cars are C&BT in body only, all details replaced. $25 each

Roundhouse 36’ reefer super detailed as pre R Hendrickson’s RMJ article for ARLX 9915, custom painted, custom decals $25

Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

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