FS: Funaro & Camerlengo Southern 1918 Sealy Hopper Kits

Matthew Dowd


I have three like new (only wear on the boxes) F&C 1918 Southern Railway Sealy Wood Hopper kits for sale. These are complete without trucks or coupler, as is standard with most F&C kits. There are 2x 6180 of the K brake version and 1x 6181 of the "modernized" AB brake version. MSRP for these kits is $33.99 a piece but they can be yours for just $27 each, which includes shipping to the lower 48. If you take all 3, I will accept $75 total with shipping. 

Please contact me off the list for details or photos of the kits. Thanks for the interest!

-Matthew Dowd

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