Re: what kind of trucks on this box car?

The New York Central System Historical Society had an article on the NYC's Pacemaker service and the cars used in their "Central Headlight" 1st Qtr 1992 magazine.
The paragraph on the trucks used read as follows:-

"Originally all 1000 cars were equipped with Barber high speed trucks, 900 with the journal boxes cast integral with the side frames and the other 100 with
pedestal type side frames. In an attempt to extend journal bearing life, dust and water deflector lips were welded to the journal box openings. Both truck styles
 included built-in stabilisers and bolster lateral motion devices. Later in the service life of Lot 737-B, the NYC experimented with other truck designs. The
Freight Car Equipment book of Jan. 1, 1954, lists six different models in use on these cars. The First Quarter, 1987, Headlight, has a photo of car no. 174193
equipped with Chrysler-Gould trucks utilising external snubbers. Between the time the cars were built and when they were converted for "Pacemaker" service,
 they were operated in regular freight service with loads up to the full axle capacity of 110,000 lbs. For high speed service the load limit was reduced to
50,000 lbs. by changing the truck spring configuration."

As indicated above, this paragraph refers to the NYC's 1954 Freight Car Equipment book and on page B-68 of that book, Note 1 comments on the trucks as follows:-

These cars are in "Pacemaker" freight service and are equipped with high speed trucks as follows; S-1-L-P with 5'-10" wheel base,
S-1-L, L-V, FR-5D, FR-5E, and X-L with 5'-6" wheel base.

Robert Bogie

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