Re: Timeline: Help Wanted

Dave Parker


I am sure you are going to receive a lot of comments about the rabbit-hole that you have decided to go down here.  I have looked into several of the key dates as they apply to the 1920s and 30s, but am only going to comment on the one for which I think I have adequately tracked down the original references.

Based on the annual proceedings of the ARA, Division 5 (Mechanical), my take is that the now-familiar CAPY, LD LMT, and LT WT lettering was first proposed in June 1924, modified in June 1925, and modified/finalized in June 1926.  ANICT, the effective date was March 1, 1927.

This likely explains why different sources sometimes give slightly different years for what ultimately became the "1927 ARA standard".

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Dave Parker
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