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Rufus Cone

Doug Harding wrote:

Bill could it be this?

Doug Harding
There are many other interesting weathering posts by Gene Deimling in his "Gene's P48 Blog -
Quarter-inch Scale Modeling," showing his work as well as that of others.

In the P48_Modeler list discussion of 5/3/16, which Gene moderates, Lee Turner stated:
Mean Green Super Strength Degreaser is a household cleaner and is the best all around solvent for acrylic paint. Not only do I use it to blend weathering it is my brush and air brush cleaner of choice. I keep a small jar on my bench and when I'm done painting I just dump the air brush needle, cap and cup into the jar. A quick rinse under warm water will leave the parts clean with no hassle. A larger peanut butter jar is by the sink and when my air brush compatible jars and caps are empty they soak and then are given a rinse and dried and reused.
Rufus Cone
Bozeman, MT

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