Re: (unknown)

Richard Hendrickson

Mr. Hendrickson:
Thank you for the SAL JPEGs. I still have one question about the
B3s. I have a Jpeg photo sent to me by someone,whose name escapes me
now, that shows a B3. It appears to be numbered in the 13000 series
but you can clearly see the class notation B3 to the far right of the
wooden door. I know B3s were numbered in the 12000-12999 range. The
B end also appears to be flat with no corrugations. Any ideas?
Sounds to me like a simple case of mis-stenciling a B-4. I've found any
number of similar instances in my photo collection, especially in later
years when pride of workmanship went down the drain on the RRs (and
everywhere else).

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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