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Greg Martin

Very sad news indeed. Well respected among this group, and the model railroad community. 

Greg Martin 

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We've lost another icon. Chuck passed away last Saturday. Here are the details from his daughter:

"I’m very sorry to be writing this, but my father Chuck Yungkurth passed away on Saturday.He'd been losing weight and generally not thriving for a couple months. Between him being ultra-stoic and me traveling a lot in March, his fairly dire situation didn't become apparent to any of us until he was sent to the ER the week after Easter, after collapsing at home. Before I could really get to the bottom of what his problem was his health had declined so fast that the last time he went to the ER (last Monday) the doctor said he wouldn't survive heroic measures. We are all still in shock from this past week.He went into hospice on Wednesday and passed away on Saturday after I'm glad to say were peaceful last days with all his kids and the eldest grandkids having been with him.If you could spread the word along to friends/colleagues you might know in the railroad community we'd appreciate that. We're going to have a memorial gathering here in Colorado (hopefully at the Colorado RR Museum where he worked as a volunteer in their research library) in a month or two and I'll let you know the details.Best regards,
Karen Y. Gerhardt"

I hadn't seen Chuck in recent weeks but knew he was quite frail. He was about 86 IIRC.

Tom Madden

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