More M--59 underframe questions

Scott Pitzer

I decided to get back to my Sunshine kit and FINISH it! but right away I ran
into two questions:
Step 6 of Added Modeling Notes says to add the short angle plates on top of
the coupler boxes, flush against the ends. I THINK these are the 2' wide
plates with two rectangles on top? They'll fit if I trim them a bit, but they
don't show in my pictures so I can't be 100% sure I'm right.

Step 7 says "Though largely invisible, install the trapezoidal torque arms on
either side of centersill from bolsters toward center of car and toward
coupler box..."
I have 8 trapezoids, 4 of which would fit right up against the centersill
toward the CENTER of the car, and yes, they would be largely invisible. But
how can the other 4 go toward the coupler box, which is wider than the
centersill? Are there other trapezoids, or do I trim the long ones, or...?
Scott Pitzer

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