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Greg Martin

I love it when you publish stuff like this Dennis, it gives a deeper appreciation of what you do.

Greg Martin 

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AHM's stock car was a one piece injection molded body.  If my memory is correct, the ends were cast into the one-piece body. Now I have somewhat of an understanding of multiple slide molds but I am puzzled by how Roco produced these bodies.

What would be different from a four slide mold for a boxcar? The parting line has to be the inside of the body shell; it needs to be a smooth surface because the shell needs to slide off towards the roof or floor, whichever is included with the body. The openings between the slats  are cored out by projections on the side inserts (and end inserts, if there are slats on the end). This means that the openings can't pass behind the side posts and braces. If the doors are molded on (as I recall the AHM car they were) the openings get really deep and tunnel like, because of the added thickness of the door plus the framing, plus the sides. Hence separate doors work better with stockcars.

Does that answer your question?

Dennis Storzek

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