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Ed mines wrote: 

>Chuck  was a career man with IBM, in the personnel department I believe. He grew up in Scranton, PA and was a railfan when steam was replaced by diesel. Avid modeler too.

>We always hoped to meet in Scranton at a good Hungarian restaurant.

>Maybe we will in the next world.

>Rest in peace Chuck. 


As mentioned, Chuck was originally from Scranton; his grandfather a D&H employee. He held an engineering degree from Penn State, and moved to Endicott, NY in 1950 to take a job with IBM in the drafting department. He had a house up on Holiday Hill (out past En-joie Golf), where he and his wife Mary raised their kids. 

An "HO" modeler and scratch builder (brass DL&W camelbacks), Chuck made the move to "O" in the early 1980's, building a large RR in his basement. He was also an active member of the O Scale Binghamton Model RR Club, est. 1939. 

He retired from IBM in 1995, he and Mary sold the house and moved to a condo in Boulder, CO, to be near his daughter, who is a graphic artist for Breyer. Mary died from liver cancer not too long after the move.

He was a close friend when he lived here (in upstate NY), and we have always stayed in contact via phone/email. He lived a very full life, was an accomplished rail author, artist, historian, and made it into his 90's. 

Matt Forsyth

Forsyth Rail Services

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