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Paul Krueger

Remaining books from Hundman have been available from several outlets at low prices for a few months now.  I have  seen them also at Powell's, Half Price Books, and Amazon.


Paul Krueger
Seattle, WA

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I don't know Hundman personally, and won't comment on his business practices here. However, E.R. Hamilton Booksellers ( -- use their category "railroads") has been remaindering many of his books this past year. I got his PM FREIGHT CARS for Xmas, and picked up both volumes of SLOW TRAINS DOWN SOUTH. His books on NS, NP (two), L&N, PRR diesels, stock cars and locomotive drawings are all currently listed. Prices are excellent.

Yours Aye,

Garth Groff

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Old wounds take a long time to heel.

I suspect Hundman was a better modeler than businessman. I'll bet he was scraping by for most of the 25 years of Mainline Modeler.

I doubt he will get rich from these DVD sales, if he gets anything at all. Whoever

copied (transposed?)  all those pages should get  a big chunk of the selling price.

Is Bob Hundman is even alive?

Ed Mines

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