Re: NYCSHS Central Headlight 2nd Qtr 2016 - NYC Automobile Cars 1916

Tony Thompson

Ray Breyer wrote:

Sealing the left hand doors on double sheathed auto boxcars was a cheap & fast way of downgrading them to plain boxcar and general freight handling. While there was some need for non-auto handling, double door boxcars rolling around, the overall need for those cars was small, while single door cars were in generally wide demand. 

    While not in a position to dispute Ray's comment here as a general conclusion, I can offer a significant exception: the railroads that handled a lot of lumber used more of their double-door cars in that service than for automobiles, and as auto shipping in automobile cars decreased, were delighted to have more lumber cars available. Southern Pacific is one example. For years, system-wide equipment instructions specified sending all unneeded company double-door empties to Eugene for lumber loading. They were not about to disable those second doors!

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