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I was not in the hobby during the 25 years of Mainline Modeler so I only have a passing understand of the content and its value. So with the C&O Historical Society offering the complete works on DVD for $249 the question is, with all the changes in the industry is the information still relevant today? In other words is the price paid worth the hobby dollar?


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Very few of us can claim to be perfect and I guess that this applies to Bob Hundman.
The reality ( to me) is that Mainline Modeler was the best thing that happened to the
hobby in the 70's and for a long time after that. Prior to Mainline we had Model
Railroader and Railroad Model Craftsman which we all bought each month with great
anticipation that there might be an article that pertained to our modeling interest.
Mainline Modeler provided us with a whole magazine full of pertinate articles, drawings
and information every month. This went on for twenty five years.

I had the good fortune of meeting Bob a few years back at Naperville. He was very gracious
and great to chat with. I had a question for him concerning the series of articles and
drawings for Southern Pacific steam locomotives. They did an article on the P-10 4-6-2 pacifies.
There was to be article the following month for the version of this locomotive with the
skyline casing. This was the issue of the magazine that was lost on the way to the publisher
and it never came out. Bob explained this situation and he was more than gracious.
When he got home he sent me the photos and drawings thgat were to go into this lost issue.

I appreciagte everyone's contribution of information and skill that they donate to the hobby.
I may not find everything to the level of accuracy that I am seeking but they area sharing
their information. Bob's contribution to the hobby ws enormous and I will always view him in that light.

Bill Pardie

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