Ray Breyer

>I was not in the hobby during the 25 years of Mainline Modeler so I only have a passing understand of the content and its value. 
>So with the C&O Historical Society offering the complete works on DVD for $249 the question is, with all the changes in the industry 
>is the information still relevant today? In other words is the price paid worth the hobby dollar?
>Mark P Stamm

Almost without question, the information in Mainline Modeler is fantastic, and more than relevant today. Unlike most hobby magazines that focus on layout tours, better box opening for success, and on whiz-bang electronics, MM focused on quality prototype research and on how to accurately model a given prototype, all of which is 'timeless information'.

If you plan on being anywhere near a 'sincere prototype modeler', the styrene scratchbuilding techniques of Al Armitage and Bob Hundman are worth the $249 sticker price alone. Not only do the articles show you what and how, but how not to be AFRAID of actually building a model from nothing more than an assortment of raw materials.

One caveat: while prolific, the plans in Mainline Modeler are generally good, but almost always suspect in some way. It's OK to use them as a general guide for modeling work, but never be afraid to print out a few hardcopies and start marking them up based on a lengthy examination of prototype photos.

Ray Breyer
Elgin, IL

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