Re: NYC 19000 Series Caboose


In addition to the various kits and r-t-r plastic models, there are several brass models of the NYC standard caboose.  LMB offered the first one many years ago.  More recent models have come from Precision Scale Company and Overland Models.   The short standard cabooses have been done in brass too – these are former LS&MS cabooses with two windows on each side – models from PSC and Overland.  Then there are the “Pacemaker” cabooses that were built in East Buffalo on boxcar frames, five of which were sheathed with plywood and painted red and grey for the Pacemaker freight train.  These East Buffalo cars are a bit longer than the standard cabooses and have steel underframes – no truss rods.  NJI-CB and Overland imported models of these cars.  Good articles on NYC cabooses were published many years ago in the NYCSHS Central Headlight.  I can provide road numbers, lot numbers, etc., for most NYC cabooses, including those built for the P&LE, T&OC, Big 4 and Michigan Central.  NYC also had two different series of steel bay-window cabooses, the earliest of which were delivered in 1949 and ran behind steam for seven or eight years.  Hope this helps a bit.  Hugh T Guillaume


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