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        I agree with those who say the impact on the hobby was immense. He did prototype coverage in a way undreamed of at MR and RMC (then and to some extent now), and as I said, the publication quality was simply excellent. I don't think the errors or idiosyncratic style should loom larger than the contribution.

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Just to add to what Tony said, I seem to recall that before he started MM, Bob Hundman had done a lot of drafting work for one or more of the brass importers, PFM for sure. This was both a blessing and a curse; it gave him a lot of practice, and source material when there wasn't much available, but it also formed his opinion of just how much detail, and auxiliary views were needed to convey adequate information. After all, if the brass builders in the Orient could figure out how to build something from his drawings, the average modeler should be able to, also. Details where there was incomplete information, Bob would just "wing it", knowing full well it would look just fine on the finished model.

Dennis Storzek

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