NKP-WLE 24200-24501 boxcars

Allan Smith

I have conductors lists from the Sierra RR from 1952-1954. Four cars are listed NKP 24231 24449 & WLE 24281 24476.These cars were built by PS lot 5649 for the WLE. The WLE was incorperated into the NKP in 1947.  I've checked the 1937 boxcar list at SEFC site and the boxcar survey prototype site. I am a little confused by the info from these sites and would like verification of the types of ends and roof .
The WLE 24200-24501 built 1941 by PS had the PS-0 4/5 dartnaught ends with a (murphy raised panel roof?).
The WLE  24000-24199 built 1941 by ACF lot 2137 had ACF dartnot 4/4 ends and a (Pullman flat panel roof?).
All the photos I can find don't show enough detail to determine the type of roof. I find it strange that a Pullman flat panel roof would be installed by ACF.
I have Pullman PS-0 ends and I would like to build at least one model for the NKP and one for WLE. I can't proceed until I have verfication of the roof type for these cars. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Al Smith
Sonora CA

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