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John Barry


What time frame?  Santa Fe's colors changed somewhat post WWII.  Tru Color Paint makes a color that Ed Hawkins told me is a dead match to the pre 45 ACF color chips, TCP-19 ATSF Brown.  I will be using that on my S&T 2014 Bx-28 and Bx-31.  Progress on those has been slow with a move cross country to a new job, and they have not been done enough for the paint shop.  I plan to add a touch of white to account for scale effect and maybe a bit more for fading on the -28 in original paint.  Post war the paint was redder, but I model 1944-45 so that should be the correct starting point for me.  
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I'm looking for an acrylic paint to do up some Santa Fe wooden cabeese. I have some PollyScale Mineral Red, but it looks too red. Suggestions?

Ken O'Brien

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