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Schuyler Larrabee

It didn't start that way, Dave. Bob Zenk's articles in the first few
issues, on rebuilding a commercial diesel model (I don't remember for sure
the locomotive - a PA? - but I seem to think it was SP) was a bash job, and
was spectacular. I still think about it. All my complete set of MM are in
boxes in the basement waiting for me to finish, already, the renovation of
the room

I remember one article which he published "Part 1" but there was never a
"Part 2." I don't recall what it was but I was very interested in it.

But later on, when I had the sense that Bob was scratchbuilding some things
just so he'd have an article to publish, it was all scratchbuilding, or so
it felt.


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Maybe. I'm more inclined to think the published had too firm a belief the
answer to everything was scratch building. I think what the market has
shown was the answer to everything (well, many things) was better models -
by whatever means. His scratch building articles were always very
interesting but jeez louise where were the resin kit articles? The plastic
kit articles (think RMJ)? The RPC style articles?

As the years rolled on MM seemed less and less relevant.

As for print, I've purchased every RPC, Ted's books too. But the media
doesn't matter. it's the content that counts (see first paragraph again for

Dave Nelson

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Gene writes in part :

Ready-to-Run models and highly accurate resin kits killed any thoughts of
developing the Cadre of readers who would contribute worthy articles.

Gene Deimling


I have known Bob Hundman for a very long time. And I have what might be a
unique relationship with Bob and Mainline Modeler. We are still in touch as
I am with some of the "crew" that made up the core of Mainline over the
years, Dave Peck, and Bob Zenk, I have lost touch with Jeff but admire his
work very much.

Bob would say, " the biggest mistake we made was not to make the hobby
bigger, but to make the hobby smaller..." and in a way it did, or at least
at the time. Gene has pointed this out above and Dennis might agree with

Bob likely doesn't realize that the fellowship Mainline created (as you can
see from the thread here) is actually bigger now than it was then, our small
piece of the puzzle has grown, and has had an impact on the hobby and how it
addresses the fidelity to detail that we now expect. I have tried to point
this out; however, as Tony has so clearly identified, Bob is strong in his
convictions, perhaps a bit too much in my most humble opinion. The puzzle
has added many pieces and dimensions or perhaps clans, that was inevitable I
suppose, STMFC, BBM, Modern Modelers and the like. But I don't see us as
fractured as Bob or others might think. I see as a fellowship, striving for
the same goals, checking our egos at the door as I have professed since the
very first PROTOTYPE RAILS so many years ago.

I have the opportunity and blessings of Bob to perpetuate Mainline Modeler
if I so desire, he just reminded me today as we chatted. ~BUCKET LIST~
Bob just celebrated his 81st birthday yesterday and I celebrate my 61st in
just a couple of weeks. To him I am a kid... To me he is a beacon...

Near the end of Mainline Modeler Bob was of the opinion that the magazine,
Tony, Richard and I had discussed this in the past, was more about
presentation than content, an opinion both Jeff and I adamantly rejected,
but Bob was being Bob.

Likely the hardest thing for anyone involved with Mainline wanted to admit
was that magazine was dead, but at the time with the decline in authors,
content, and the revenues dropping like a stone it was time, but in my most
humble opinion not to go away but to evolve, from traditional print media to
something else.

Mainline gave us something different, modeling content, if not in the
modeling precisely then in the form of inspiration for better modeling. A
tradition I hold dearly...

We talk as if all the good projects are gone, and I say that we haven't
scratched the surface, there is so much yet to be done we need to embrace
the modeling not yet offered... ONE PLACE, ONE IDEA, ONE FELLOWSHIP...

Print is not done, I have always said "feed your head" if your library
isn't full what is your excuse, the Internet cannot replace a library, but a
library might include a different print media like a DVD and a visit to the
Internet, but the Internet should never keep you from your modeling. As my
shirt reads, "Why Yes, I have done some modeling"... It will be the theme
for PROTOTYPE RAILS 2017, its time has come!

I refuse to publicly discuss his business practices as I don't agree with
them especially near the end, and I did let him know personally and
privately, with all do respect this is not a forum for that.

Greg Martin

"Why Yes, I have done some modeling"...

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