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Schuyler, a price of $250 is more than enough support for the C&OHS and compensation for Bob, who has already been compensated once for his efforts via subscriptions! Why gouge on shipping? I bet they would sell more DVDs if the price wasn’t so high, so I’m willing to wait and see if reason prevails.

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I have no dog in this debate, not being a C&OHS member, BUT:

The C&OHS has a paid staff. Their salaries have to come from somewhere. They will also be shipping it in, most likely, a padded envelope, which costs more to send than a letter/ Further, they have a substantial collection of drawings, prints, and other stuff that takes up room (as has been discussed a lot in the MM thread), and they have heat, lights and phone and internet to pay for. You are CONTRIBUTING to the sustaining of the C&OHS’s continuing to be there to provide you, your modeling peers, and the magazines with authentic accurate prototype information.

Having been an officer of a substantial RR historical society, I PERFECTLY understand the need to cover some costs. $16.50 is not unreasonable.

Evidently, you’re willing to forego having a wealth of information, mostly accurate, mostly inspiring, for the sake of not supporting the organization that makes it available..


I went to the C&O site and initiated an order for the MM DVD, but they want $16.50 S&H, which is absolutely ridiculous for mailing one DVD via USPS, so I immediately canceled the order. I hope they will rethink their S&H charge, because until it reflects true mailing costs, I’m not buying.

Nelson Moyer

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