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I certainly  agree that this magazine is nearly essential to a model railroader that wants true miniatures for his layout.

I think this magazine was on-line with that site that got mostly destroyed with some sort of never repaired server corruption a couple of years ago, was it Train-life ?

I’d like to ask if anyone knows of this magazine being offered on CD or some other digital media?

I have a few treasured copies of the magazine and would like to have more of them on the usually easier to obtain cd or other digital media. Mainly because the originally published magazines are such a challenge to otherwise obtain.

Thanks guys.

Best to ya,
Mike Bauers
Milwaukee, Wi

On May 26, 2016, at 5:16 AM, 'Scott H. Haycock '  wrote:

Since the history of the evolution of prototype freight car modeling is now officially approved, may I bring up another magazine for comment? 

Between slapping Walthers or Champ decals on Athearn and MDC undecorated cars, and the resin revolution, was kitbashing. This is still around, for example in the annual Shake and Take group build.

The magazine which, in my opinion, brought this method of more accurate freight car modeling into its own was Prototype Modeler. While this wasn't a glossy publication, with a high end art department, it went where no magazine had gone before.

To this day, I value my collection of PM second only to MM, as far as general hobby magazines go. 

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