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A 'wrecker' car, maybe?  Already had discussions in years past about Ga & Fla's SOO sawtooth car and there are a few others like a DS USRA boxcar.

That said, conclusion on the Ga & Fla Facebook group is that it's a foobie.

Ben Scanlon

London, UK

     The Rutland had a "wrecker" car as well, an ex-CNR single sheathed car that Dennis Storzek used

to offer a kit for and used as the basis for the #4000 series Accuraul cars. The prototype went off the

joint CV-Rutland Rouses Point Trestle across the north end of Lake Champlain and spent a year under

water with one of the 2-8-2's before finally being rescued intact. It was taken to Rutland, run through the

car and paint shops and emerged as a newly painted #7999, the only car in that series. In this case,

however, it was also listed in the ORER's and survived until the end of the Rutland and then some. IF

the GA & FLA car were not a "foobie" I would expect it could be found in an ORER as well. Like others,

I could not find anything close to the car on eBay in either my Jan. 1938 or April 1948 ORER's. Makes

one wonder who the two characters are that have bid this no prototype model up to $155. P.T. Barnum

is alive and well!

Cordially, Don Valentine

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