Re: plastic solvent cements - again

vincent altiere

Try Testors plastic cement.It is slower to dry- gives you several seconds to adjust parts.Although some people don't like it, I have had good results with it. I also Plastruct orange and white label cements,as well as Ambroid Pro Weld (which is as fast and as strong as Tenax-but you get more for your money), as well as CA cement (esp. gap filling).
Vince Altiere
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Has anyone recently bought plastic solvent cement that isn't too fast to evaporate?

I bought white label plastruct solvent cement which doesn't gack up the brush like orange label, but it dries so fast that the brush is frequently dry before it hits the model.

Currently sold Duco cement is also lightening quick to dry.

In their zeal to eliminate unfriendly chemicals from the environment, the government has eliminated many products that work, replaced by products that barely work at all.

Ed Mines

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