Re: NYCSHS Central Headlight 2nd Qtr 2016 - NYC Automobile Cars 1916-1953


Hello Ben, 

    Thanks very much for posting the three NYC auto-box photos. Is #56000 a rebuild of one of the type
initially constructed as double sheathed cars from 1916? Can't believe it was built in 1917 in a form as
shown. Presumedly #63149 is a second rebuild of the #56000 style to gain an extra 6 in. in height and
the #70000 series were constructed new in late 1947 to replace older cars with the 10 ft. 6 in. IH. I'm
wondering if the #70000 type might be kitbashed from a C&BT car and will have to check my stock of
same. The car is new enough so it would not even need any weathering for my 1948 modeling period! 
The air reservoir on #70000 is clearly visible below the end of the righthand door but the three dark
spots to the left of it make me think they might be tubes for tie down chains. with three on each side 
of the car. Can you enlighten me on this and the type of ends used on these cars? 

    I find the #63149 interesting for what appears to be a more substantial, or rugged, method of 
extending the roof than that seen on the Santa Fe cars like those offered in the Westerfield line 
which I raised a question about a few weeks ago.

Thanks again, Don Valentine

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Fran Giacoma asked:
"Enjoyed the subject article and would like to add a car to run on my HO 1956 B&O Shenandoah SD layout. I'd like to model the later (1940's) all steel, 40' car. What HO car would be a good starting point?"

Which cars?  The Spec 953A/Lot 760-B cars:

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