Re: plastic solvent cements - again

Bill Welch

My latest foray to a hobby shop to purchase liquid Testors to refill my 20-year old square bottle resulted in purchasing two partially empty (or full depending on your perspective) bottles. Did not pay "full" price of course. It looked to me that there was lot that made it out of the factory with the tops not screwed in properly. My message is to examine your purchases.

I have to admit I hate the safety tops, they are really hard to get loose. I remember on more than one occasion cutting the plastic part away because I could not get it to function.

Having said this I really like the way it works.

No one has mentioned the two Tamiya offerings. One comes in six-sided low squat bottle w/orange cap and label. The other in a little bit taller square bottle labeled "Extra Thin." Both have built-in brushes, the Extra Thin brush is a small diameter.

I have 2-3 small 10/0 paint brushes I use w/Testors. When I am working with it I leave the cap off with one of the brushes sitting in the jar. It sits to my left so I am not breathing it in.

Bill Welch

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