Re: plastic solvent cements - again


Hi Ed,

I think I've used them all over the last 40 years. I prefer Tamiya the best and use it exclusively. Try Tamiya 87038 Extra Thin Cement Glue with the green top.

I accidentally left the lid off my bottle last week and the next day most/all of the solvent was still there. I recall leaving the lid cracked on my Testors and/or Tenax and after a day or two it was gone.

Hope this helps.

John Golden
Albersbach, DE


2a plastic solvent cements - again

Mon May 30, 2016 8:38 am (PDT)
Posted by: ed_mines

Has anyone recently bought plastic solvent
cement that isn't too fast to evaporate?

I bought white label plastruct solvent cement which
doesn't gack up the brush like orange label, but it
dries so fast that the brush is frequently dry before it
hits the model.

Currently sold Duco cement is also lightening quick to

In their zeal to eliminate unfriendly chemicals from the
environment, the government has eliminated many products
that work, replaced by products that barely work at all.

Ed Mines

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