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John Barry


Do you really want the boxes I searched?  I'd think you'd rather have the ones that bore fruit.  Although there are lots of varieties of fruit in that forest of information.  I will post a proper citation once I consolidate my information.  I did get a cart of stuff that was totally non-relevant when I used UD Entry 2 instead of Entry 2.  Two very different record series with overlapping container numbers.  

In a different part of the files, I located the staff work records that led to the adoption of a combined Government Bill of Lading-Government Waybill form in 1943, complete with examples of the form produced and used starting that year.  I think those of us wishing to use more realistic paper work to route our model STMFC would be interested.  That will be a future blog post too.
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John; a very interesting posting.  What years were you searching for your MAIN info?  Can you pass on the box numbers within RG 336 that you searched ?
Thanks.  (I plan to visit in the near future looking for MAIN info now that I'm aware it exists!)
Jim Murrie

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