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John Barry


Yes they did and documentation of some of those shipments still exists in the archives.  I saw reference to one such shipment last week.

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I agree but here’s a question about concentration on the receiving side: Did the U.S. military ship beer from U.S. ports to bases overseas? If yes one might reasonably conclude that in WWII one might see a considerable concentration of “beer reefers” headed towards embarkation ports.

Dave Nelson

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Since cars which are conspicuous by their absence in our modeling world have been mentioned: DSDX and SLRX insulated boxcars for hauling beer from Milwaukee or St. Louis are sorely needed. Unless someone is modeling Milwaukee or St. Louis, obtaining a fleet of either is unnecessary, but everyone can use one of each no matter what part of the country is modeled.

A resin caster can make an impact here.

Steve Hoxie
Pensacola FL

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