Re: Red caboose -12 PFE models

Tony Thompson

Ed Miines wrote:

Which model is the proper height, R-30-12 or R-30-12-9? The prototypes were about 6" different, about .070" in HO. .The 2 models are the same height.

      Red Caboose did a correct R-30-12. They then brought out the R-30-9 lettering on the same body, and unfortunately some of those kits are out there (with incorrect height, as Ed says). But, God love 'em, they retooled the -9 kit to the correct height, and there were lots of those produced too. So for the question of which model is correct, the answer is "both," but beware of the exception. BTW, the -9 cars were lettered R-30-12-9 for five years or so, then it was simplified to R-30-9.
       Confession: Red Caboose had consulted with me about the possibility of doing the -9 models, and I evidently did not make sufficiently clear that the heights were different, and I know I emphasized that the body APPEARANCE was essentially the same, with the same side hardware, etc. Later we got it cleared up, and I reminded them that if they had sent me a drawing or test shot to review, I would have caught the problem. But as I said, they did do the stand-up thing and corrected the model.

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