Re: e bay auctions


A lot of the sellers are not at all knowledgeable about trains. real of model.  They get some at a estate sale and think everything is worth a fortune.
These are also the ones that call a Mantua 4-6-0 a 4-4-2 just because of the odd driver spacing. Or they photograph a steam loco with the tender backwards. What I don't get is seeing two of the same item for, say, priced at $3500 and $40.00 and the a bit further down the same thing asking $200.00.
Sometimes when I see an obvious error, especially if something is listed incorrectly to the point where buyers that may want it won't even click on the item, I send a message to the sellers. Some are very grateful and send me thank yous and others, if they reply, basically tell me where to shove it.
Oh well. All we can do is watch for deals. One thging I can say is if you see a seller that appears to have really good asking prices, by all means check his/her other items.
John Hagen

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