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Ted Schnepf

Hi Eric,

in the 1/28 ORER is a detailed roster for DSDX

(note the lengths are inside, between bulkheads)

#90 to 94  32' 2"
300 to 999 30' 10"
1400-1899 no dimensions
2500-2599 20' 2" (20' is correct.  must be old, short cars)
50000-8999 32' 2"

There are no individual car quantities, only a total of 560 cars.  This is a new listing submitted 1/1928. 

Just checked 12/31 ORER and there are more class series listed,  but no quantities, not even a total car count.


At 01:48 PM 6/2/2016, you wrote:

My October 1926 ORER has the following notes for DSDX cars.
The refrigerator (M.C.B. designation RS) cars of this Company are marked Dairy Shippers Despatch and D.S.D.X., and numbered 200 to 999 inclusive; inside dimensions: length 30 ft. 10 in., width, 8 ft., 2 in., height 7 ft. 4 in., capacity, 1800 cu. ft., 60,000 pounds (ice bunker capacity 5800 pounds crushed ice, 4600 pounds chunk ice, 125 cu. ft. measure of capacity). Total, 240 cars.
This entry is dated July 1926.
There seems to be conflicting info here. The statement of numbered 200 to 999, inclusive does not mesh with the final note of, Total, 240 cars. Unless the company was receiving new reefers during this 1926 time and not all had been placed into service. Can anyone consult a 1927 or 1928 ORER for additional detail?
Eric Hansmann
El Paso, TX


Just pulled a March 1925 ORER and DSDX is listed as Dairy Shippers Despatch and had cars numbered between 200 and 999, but no total was given for the cars in service.  1925 sure predates 1951, in the article quoted below.  As probation was on, maybe the cars actually shipped dairy products or at least "near milk" from brewers.


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