Re: e bay auctions

Andy Harman

At 01:09 AM 6/5/2016 +0000, you wrote:

I bought the Ambroid "box of sticks" on ebay and it contains everything I need to build a nice Pennsy boxcar.
I found that when it comes to sliced dead trees, I'm not my dad or my grandfather. Even if the prototype is wood, I'd rather make it out of plastic. I have yet to actually do this. I had planned to make an N&W CF caboose from stock styrene using the plans and castings from the old QC kit. Then BLI announced a plastic CF, then they un-announced it. Then AMB did a laserkit wood version. Thing is, what I need is a plywood-sided rebuild. I will probably just use the wood sides as a template to make styrene "plywood" sides and build the rest of it as-is. I also have a brass CF to go with my BLI class A and H-2 hoppers one of these days.


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