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Tony Thompson

Fred Jansz wrote:


Xcuse me for my igorance. What I read in your answer is that the ones lettered for R-30-12-9 are also the wrong ones? I have ten R-30-9 kits that seem to have the right height (all double herald, LA 6-48). However 2 other kits I have are lettered as R-30-12-9, have lower bodies, ROS 7-39. These two need to be repainted & lettered anyway because they would've been in 1950 in real life I guess. Thanks for your explanation.

         The lettering is not a good guide, because Red Caboose did a bunch of paint schemes; follow the height as you have done. And BTW, by 1950 there were precious few R-30-12 or -13 remaining. Not because they had been scrapped, but because almost all had been rebuilt into something else. Best use of that body might be the WP cars, though they too were quite reduced in number.

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