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Brad, I was just going to make the same reply, so I'll just tag on to yours.  I was in the operating (conductor, trainmaster) department and I worked with carmen & others that dealt directly with bearings.

I heard the term "soild bearing" maybe a few times.  The rest of the time it was "friction bearing".

If you, as a newbie car dept. or operation employee were to call them "solid bearings", you'd be suspected of being a "foamer".

So we have the bizzarre situation where most real railroaders use the "incorrect" term while railfans stand on the sidelines, gonna  school 'em.  (Similar to "switch" / "turnout", "engine" / "locomotive", etc.)

I've made this comment at least three times on different Yahoo groups, it never made a difference.  I fully expect non-railroader railfans to argue about this, again.  I'll keep calling them friction bearings.

Robert Simpson

ex-UP, Amtrak California, AC&J, PAR

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Not true. I was a real railroader and we used the term friction bearing. A common term in describing car trucks and repair of such. 

Brad Smith 

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Amen and thank you Tony. The term seems to have taken hold of model railroaders far 

more than it ever did with real railroaders and many of us, myself included, occasionally
slip up and use it.

Cordially, Don Valentine

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