Re: Ambroid cement on e bay


While its a classic glue, its still in active production.

So you can think of it as a glue that today’s world still values.

For those that would like to try it, Des Plaines Hobby has it for a bit over $3, and I’ve seen in in the local hardware and artists supply stores. I’d bet you can order it from Amazon as well.

I have some very old models that likely are older than I am, and they are still holding together very well with that glue.

Best to ya,
Mike Bauers
Milwaukee, Wi

On Jun 5, 2016, at 1:21 PM, ed_mines wrote:

I see a dozen 1.8 oz tubes of Ambroid cement  are currently being  auctioned on you tube. current bid is $45.

I must not be the only one who finds todays model cements to be less than perfect.

Ed Mines

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