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Robert, you can add the CB&Q term ‘motors’ when  referring to diesel locomotives. In Q parlance, they were all motors. As for steam locomotives, they were engines.


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Brad, I was just going to make the same reply, so I'll just tag on to yours.  I was in the operating (conductor, trainmaster) department and I worked with carmen & others that dealt directly with bearings.

I heard the term "soild bearing" maybe a few times.  The rest of the time it was "friction bearing".

If you, as a newbie car dept. or operation employee were to call them "solid bearings", you'd be suspected of being a "foamer".

So we have the bizzarre situation where most real railroaders use the "incorrect" term while railfans stand on the sidelines, gonna  school 'em.  (Similar to "switch" / "turnout", "engine" / "locomotive", etc.)

I've made this comment at least three times on different Yahoo groups, it never made a difference.  I fully expect non-railroader railfans to argue about this, again.  I'll keep calling them friction bearings.

Robert Simpson

ex-UP, Amtrak California, AC&J, PAR

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